Official Blog: A Letter from Special Executive Rasmus Blys

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A BioWare corporation PR person was RP’ing a corporation PR person in yesterdays blog post. I guess that’s something they can write convincingly!  They really nailed the sugarcoated corporate jargon at least, as Special Executive Rasmus Blys from the Czerka Corporation took on the official website yesterday.  Check out the full “blog post ” over at the official site, our our copy paste below. Also remember to check our faction lore guide on Czerka Corporation if you are into the lore behind them.


A Letter from Special Executive Rasmus Blys


My name is Rasmus Blys, and I have the great honor of serving as a Special Executive for the Czerka Corporation: the most dynamic business entity in the entirety of known space. Czerka’s history is a long and storied one; we have centuries of innovation and success to look back on, with entire worlds owing their economic and social development to our valuable insights and generous cooperation. When we consider everything that our corporation has achieved, I think we can all rightly take a great deal of pride in our roles in the Czerka of today.

But what exactly is my role? Just what does the “Special Executive” for CZ-198 do all day, anyway?

I like to think of CZ-198 as a castle: a fortified home where our Czerka family can join together and carry out our great works in an atmosphere of total safety and security. A place with strong walls, so that the troubles and trifles of the rest of the galaxy simply bounce away with hardly a sound. A place with loyal troops: brave men, women, and droids who protect our lives with the very weapons and technologies that we develop.

Of course, any good castle needs a castellan, and that’s how I see my role as “Special Executive”: merely one servant among many, responsible for ensuring that all of the people and machines of CZ-198 have everything they need to work together and achieve their highest potential. After all, we wouldn’t want to waste the tremendous resources that we’re so fortunate to command, or risk tarnishing the gleaming legacy that the Czerka brand has so flawlessly developed!

But who is the ruler of our great castle? The consumer, of course! The demands of the marketplace are our royal decrees, forever guiding and pushing us toward new and better designs. Our speeders and starships are glistening chariots, ensuring that our customers can travel safely and glamorously to any destination. And our weapons are the customers’ royal bodyguards, protecting them and their interests from any possible harm.

Thus, our role is clear: we must commit ourselves, our time, and our resources to create the finest products and technologies that we can; exceptional goods fit for kings and queens, marketed and sold to every sapient being in the galaxy. Anything less would be treason!

We have our castle, CZ-198: built strong at the crossroads of technology and talent. We have our goal, noble and pure: serving our consumers with every means at our disposal. And we have our history: a tradition of success and dynamism that is unrivaled in the galactic marketplace.

We are Czerka Corporation. Together, we will seize the future!