What Happened to DarthHater.com?

Darth Hater was one of the fan sites that started with us, in the early days before SWTOR even launched. They were a player favorite if you ask around nearly any of the forums and Reddit. But sadly, they didn’t stick around after being bought by Curse. I met some of their crew myself at the SWTOR Guild Summit and we’ve brought you many of their stories and updates here over the years. But now, we’re sad to tell you that Darth Hater is no more. If you go to the website, you’ll be redirected to the SWTOR Wiki. Any links to old articles or posts from Darth Hater will also redirect you. So what happened? Well, the strange part is that no one involved seems to be willing to talk about it. And we can’t find any public notices about it either. Last year there were talks of DarthHater.com…

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Cartel Market Poll Results

Last week, DarthHater asked players to provide feedback about their experiences with the Cartel Market and now they have the results in for all of us to see. Some are not very surprising- for example, nearly 90% of those who answered the survey are subscribers but it still provided some interesting info. It’s safe to say that many who are fans that visit fansites on a regular basis are subscribers. So we didn’t learn a lot about the free to play market but there are some great stats from this. You can see the full Survey Results for yourself here from DarthHater but let’s take a brief look at some of the categories and facts. 89% of those who answered were subscribers. 8% held preferred states and 3% were free to play When asked if they had bought any Cartel Coins with real money, the answers were 50/50 yes and no. 87%…

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