David Hunt

David Hunt answers a truck load of augment questions

  David Hunt answers a ton of questions, regarding the new agument system, in a recent forum post. Personally I really like that I can R/E green items for the augment kit pieces. to summarize the important stuff: You can add an augment slot to any equip-able green item. Augments require a minimum Augment Slot level. There are 6 tiers. You can add any level Slot to any level item. You get the materials at a constant rate from RE’ing equippable items: 10 items -> 1 augment kit. The material tier corresponds to the tier of the gear RE’d. Extraction costs are reduced 30%. Adding an augment slot using a kit costs between 4.5k – 50k depending on the tier. Other information: Augment kits can be used by anyone. They are made by Armstechs, armortechs, and synthweavers. Now to find the cheapest one to do and stock up on mats….

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