Directive 7

SWTOR Flashpoint Guide: Directive 7

Recommended Level: 48-50 Faction: Republic & Empire Bosses: 6 (3 mini-bosses) Directive 7 is the name given to a group of renegade droids who have joined together as one identity with one mission, which is to go through the galaxy exterminating all biological life forms. Both the Republic and the Empire have suffered at the hands of these renegade droids so both factions have a common interest in taking down Directive 7. Fortunately, for both factions, one of the Directives disagrees with the exterminating of all other life forms and offers them valuable information that will help put an end to this rebellion. Your mission is to travel with your squad of level 50 players to the small moon called Zadd, where you’ll go up against these 6 bosses in addition to one bonus boss. Here’s a vid of the Flashpoint in action: Detector Detector is the first mini boss you’ll encounter when…

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TOR TV: Directive 7 Hard Solo

Youtube user NadaButH8 posted a video of him soloing Directive 7 on  Hard mode.  Pretty impressive stuff if you think of how good gear you have to optain for your self and your companion before doing this. Boss fights are played at normal speed, everything else is 2X (Bonus Boss was not attempted) Boss name–Time -Assassin Droids– 2:20 -Interrogator– 7:45 -Bulwark– 11:23 -Assembler– 16:52 -Mentor– 19:20

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