SWTOR Flashpoint Guide: Directive 7

SWTOR Flashpoint Guide: Directive 7

Recommended Level: 48-50
Republic & Empire
6 (3 mini-bosses)

Directive 7 is the name given to a group of renegade droids who have joined together as one identity with one mission, which is to go through the galaxy exterminating all biological life forms. Both the Republic and the Empire have suffered at the hands of these renegade droids so both factions have a common interest in taking down Directive 7.

Fortunately, for both factions, one of the Directives disagrees with the exterminating of all other life forms and offers them valuable information that will help put an end to this rebellion. Your mission is to travel with your squad of level 50 players to the small moon called Zadd, where you’ll go up against these 6 bosses in addition to one bonus boss. Here’s a vid of the Flashpoint in action:


Detector is the first mini boss you’ll encounter when you arrive on Zadd. As soon as you begin the fight, two turrets with normal strength will appear. Take them out first. Now, all you have to worry about is using tank and spank to take out the boss and interrupting the Reconstruct ability.

Mentor Assassin Droids

Mentor Assassin Droids is another mini boss where you’ll fight three assassin droids. At the end of the cut scene, the fight will begin. The cut scene is somewhat long so don’t get distracted because you’ll need to jump right in and take control of the droids the second it ends. To do this, your tank should grab agro on the three droids and turn them to where they’re facing the door. This way, the center one won’t hit your group with a frontal AoE attack.

Shortly after the fight starts, shields will cover two of the droids. You need to avoid these. The Orange Shield is reflective and if you hit it with your attack, the shield will transfer the damage right back at you. The Blue Shield absorbs the incoming damage so your attacks are useless on this one. Therefore, all of your team members should concentrate your efforts on the droid with no shield while avoiding AoE damage. If you attack this droid long enough, you will eventually destroy them.


Interrogator is one of the main bosses. While he has enough health to put up a good fight, he’s not too difficult to take down. It’s your standard tank and spank fight but with a twist. Occasionally, throughout the fight, a notice will appear telling you that someone in your party has a clone. Then, a MoB from that person’s class will appear in the chamber on one or the other side of the Interrogator. You can’t kill Interrogator until you kill the clone, so everyone should focus on the clones when they first appear and then go back to the boss.

Interrogator on Hardmode Video


Fighting the Assembler is very similar to fighting Detector but the turrets are elite so they’re harder to beat. Begin by having the tank grab agro on the boss and his turrets as the rest of the team starts focusing down the turrets. At the same time, you need to interrupt the Assembler’s Repair ability, which will broadcast on the screen right before he uses it. Once the turrets are gone, tank and spank the boss while still interrupting his attacks and you’ll get your victory.


This is one of the hardest bosses to fight in Directive 7 and he possesses a very heavy hitting uninterruptable AoE attack. The only way to beat Bulwark is to avoid this attack. The first thing you want to do is place your healer and DPS underneath the consoles on each side of the boss. This will protect them from his attacks. Then, the tank needs to turn the boss facing the wall to help keep the rest of the players out of his frontal cleave attack range.

The other ability this boss has is the Bulwark Smash. You have to interrupt this attack when you can because it can do lots of damage while stunning the tank. Bulwark also has defensive protocols that cover him in a green mist while doing AoE damage to your players, so be aware of this, too.

When playing in “Hard” mode, the defensive protocols will regenerate Bulwark’s health. To stop this from happening you’ll need to destroy the console panels and disable the defensive protocols. Once you destroy the console, Bulwark will summon two astromech droids to fix it. Take them out as fast as possible before they have time to get the job done.


Getting to Mentor is more of a challenge than fighting him because you have to go through a very difficult gauntlet to reach him. However, it is a long battle because the fight consists of four different stages. The main ability or the one that last throughout the entire battle is “The Claw”, which seeks out members of your team randomly.

Be sure to avoid the red reticule on the ground and move around a lot. If you do have to stay in one spot for some reason, your tank can help keep it off you until you can move around again. Here’s what to expect during each stage of fighting Mentor.

During the first stage, two turrets will spawn on each side of Mentor. When this happens, use the wall to break the line of sight to one turret and everyone can open fire on the other. Don’t let the turrets “SuperCharge” or it’ll be even harder to take them down.

The second stage starts after you have taken down the turrets. It begins with a very large droid spawning in the middle of the room, while Mentor is firing salvos of rockets at your team. Look for the green reticules on the ground because that is where the rockets will land. If you’re targeted, you need to move out of the way fast.

At the same time all of this is going on, one of the cores starts to overheat making it vulnerable. Have your tank grab agro on the droid so your DPS can destroy the core. The normal strength turrets protecting it are easy to kill. After you destroy the core, the rocket attacks will end, then tank and spank the droid until you beat him.

The third stage is exactly like the first one, so follow the same plan. After defeating the two turrets, two cores become vulnerable. Get your DPS over to take out the small turret guards and destroy the cores.

Stage 4 is just like stage 2 so you know what to expect. When the final core overhears and becomes vulnerable, take it out and this will leave Mentor open for direct attacks from your squad. At this point in the fight, he acquires a new attack that will target players randomly and it will do lots of damage. Be alert and avoid the green beam. Continue avoiding the Missile attacks and The Claw while burning down Mentor and victory will soon be yours.

Replicator (Bonus Boss)

You have to complete the bonus objectives before you can access Replicator. The fight starts out just like it does with any other boss but things begin to get interesting when you get his health down to 75%. Replicator splits into three smaller clones of elite level. To take them down fast and easy try burning down one while using stun and CC on the other two. You need to kill them before they reach 25% if possible. If not each one of them will transform into four normal strength mechanical spiders.

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