Mastering Fleet Arena in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Mastering Fleet Arena in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Fleet Arena is a crucial aspect of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH), offering valuable rewards and enhancing your overall game experience. This comprehensive guide will help you master Fleet Arena by covering the top fleets and compositions, the best ships to focus on and how to obtain them, and strategies for dominating Fleet Arena battles.

Top Fleets and Compositions for Fleet Arena

Building a powerful fleet is essential for success in Fleet Arena. Here are some of the top fleet compositions and their respective strategies.

1. Rebel Fleet

Key Ships:

  • Capital Ship: Home One (Admiral Ackbar)
  • Core Ships: Millennium Falcon, Biggs Darklighter’s X-wing, Bistan’s U-wing
  • Reinforcements: Cassian’s U-wing, Ghost, Phantom II, Wedge Antilles’s X-wing

Strategy: The Rebel fleet excels in offensive capabilities and synergy. Admiral Ackbar’s Home One provides assists and healing, enhancing survivability and damage output. Millennium Falcon’s ability to call assists and evade attacks makes it a cornerstone of this fleet. Use Biggs Darklighter’s X-wing as a tank to absorb damage and protect your attackers. Bistan’s U-wing boosts turn meter, ensuring your ships act frequently.

2. Galactic Republic Fleet

Key Ships:

  • Capital Ship: Negotiator (General Kenobi)
  • Core Ships: Anakin’s Eta-2 Starfighter, Ahsoka Tano’s Jedi Starfighter, Hound’s Tooth
  • Reinforcements: Plo Koon’s Jedi Starfighter, Rex’s ARC-170, Clone Sergeant’s ARC-170

Strategy: The Galactic Republic fleet is known for its durability and powerful abilities. General Kenobi’s Negotiator provides protection and buffs, making your fleet hard to take down. Anakin’s Eta-2 Starfighter deals significant damage and gains bonuses when allies are attacked. Hound’s Tooth serves as a reliable tank, protecting your key attackers. Use Plo Koon’s reinforcement ability to cleanse debuffs and provide additional turn meter.

3. Empire Fleet

Key Ships:

  • Capital Ship: Executrix (Grand Moff Tarkin) or Chimaera (Grand Admiral Thrawn)
  • Core Ships: TIE Advanced x1 (Darth Vader), TIE Reaper, Imperial TIE Fighter
  • Reinforcements: TIE Bomber, TIE Defender, Gauntlet Starfighter

Strategy: The Empire fleet focuses on control and overwhelming damage. Grand Moff Tarkin’s Executrix or Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Chimaera both provide unique advantages. The TIE Advanced x1 is a powerful attacker with high burst damage. The TIE Reaper manipulates turn meter, while the Imperial TIE Fighter applies debuffs. Use the TIE Bomber to deal AoE damage and tank hits, and bring in the TIE Defender for additional firepower.

Best Ships to Focus On and How to Obtain Them

To build these top fleets, you need to focus on obtaining and upgrading the best ships. Here’s a breakdown of key ships and how to acquire them.

1. Millennium Falcon

How to Obtain:

  • Event: Earned through the “Han’s Millennium Falcon” event, which requires specific Rebel ships.

Why Focus On It:

  • High damage output, frequent assists, and evasion make it a critical component of Rebel fleets.

2. Hound’s Tooth

How to Obtain:

  • Shipments and Store: Available in Fleet Store, Galactic War Store, and Hard Node battles.

Why Focus On It:

  • One of the best tanks in the game, Hound’s Tooth can absorb significant damage and protect your fleet’s key attackers.

3. Anakin’s Eta-2 Starfighter

How to Obtain:

  • Fleet Battles: Farmable from Fleet Battle nodes.

Why Focus On It:

  • High damage and synergy with Galactic Republic fleets make it essential for maximizing the effectiveness of the Negotiator.

4. TIE Advanced x1

How to Obtain:

  • Shipments and Store: Available in Fleet Store and Shipments, as well as from Fleet Battle nodes.

Why Focus On It:

  • Excellent damage dealer with strong synergy in Empire fleets, TIE Advanced x1 is pivotal for controlling battles.

Strategies for Dominating Fleet Arena Battles

Winning Fleet Arena battles requires more than just having powerful ships. Here are some strategies to help you dominate.

1. Proper Modding and Upgrading

Mods and Upgrades:

  • Just like characters, ships benefit significantly from proper modding and upgrades. Focus on upgrading ship abilities and crew members.
  • Prioritize mods that enhance speed, offense, and survivability for your crew members, as these directly affect ship performance.

2. Target Priority and Battle Order

Target Priority:

  • Identify and target key enemy ships first. For example, taking out enemy damage dealers or ships with powerful abilities early can turn the tide of battle.
  • Focus fire on one ship at a time to eliminate threats quickly.

Battle Order:

  • Execute your moves strategically. For instance, use your tank’s taunt ability early to protect weaker ships, and save powerful attacks for crucial moments.
  • Use abilities that provide turn meter gains and buffs at the right time to maintain momentum.

3. Utilize Reinforcements Wisely


  • Reinforcements can change the course of a battle. Choose reinforcements that complement your fleet’s strategy.
  • Bring in ships that can provide immediate benefits, such as healing, debuffs, or additional damage.


  • Call reinforcements at critical moments. For example, if your main tank is about to be defeated, bring in a reinforcement that can draw fire or provide immediate aid.

4. Understanding Capital Ship Abilities

Capital Ship Management:

  • Each capital ship has unique abilities that can greatly influence the battle. Understand and utilize these abilities to maximize their impact.
  • For instance, Admiral Ackbar’s “Rebel Coordination” ability calls all allies to assist, making it a powerful tool for burst damage.

Ultimate Abilities:

  • Capital ships have ultimate abilities that can change the battle’s outcome. Time these abilities for maximum effect, such as when the enemy fleet is vulnerable or when you need to turn the tide.


Mastering Fleet Arena in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes requires a combination of building top-tier fleets, focusing on the best ships, and employing strategic battle tactics. By understanding the strengths and synergies of different fleets, acquiring and upgrading key ships, and implementing effective strategies during battles, you can dominate Fleet Arena and reap the rewards. Follow this guide to enhance your Fleet Arena prowess and lead your fleet to victory in the galaxy. May the Force be with you!