Advanced Strategies for Galactic Legends in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Galactic Legends are the pinnacle of power in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH). These characters, such as Rey, Kylo Ren (Supreme Leader), Sith Eternal Emperor, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, and others, require significant investment and strategic planning to unlock and utilize effectively. This comprehensive guide will cover how to unlock Galactic Legends, the best teams and strategies for using them, and counter strategies for facing opposing Galactic Legends.

How to Unlock Galactic Legends

Unlocking a Galactic Legend is a massive endeavor, requiring specific characters, high gear levels, relic levels, and other prerequisites. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you unlock these powerful characters.

1. Choose Your Galactic Legend:

Each Galactic Legend has unique requirements and offers distinct advantages. Review the requirements and benefits of each to decide which one aligns with your goals and current roster.

  • Rey: Focused on Light Side and Resistance teams.
  • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren: Centered around Dark Side and First Order teams.
  • Sith Eternal Emperor: Emphasizes Sith and Empire synergy.
  • Jedi Master Luke Skywalker: Focuses on Jedi and Rebel synergy.
  • Jedi Master Kenobi: Anchored in Galactic Republic teams.
  • Lord Vader: Combines Galactic Republic and Sith elements.

2. Gather the Required Characters:

Each Galactic Legend requires a specific set of characters to be geared and reliced to certain levels. Here are some examples:

  • Rey:
    • Jedi Training Rey
    • Finn
    • Poe Dameron
    • Resistance Hero Finn
    • Resistance Hero Poe
    • Scavenger Rey
    • Veteran Smuggler Han Solo
    • Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca
  • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren:
    • Kylo Ren (Unmasked)
    • First Order Stormtrooper
    • First Order TIE Pilot
    • First Order Officer
    • Captain Phasma
    • General Hux
    • Sith Trooper
    • Kylo Ren (Original)

3. Gear Up and Relic the Required Characters:

Once you have the necessary characters, you’ll need to gear them up to Gear 13 and apply relics to specified levels. This process requires a substantial amount of gear, credits, and relic materials.

  • Gear 13: Focus on farming key gear pieces from raids, events, and stores.
  • Relics: Use relic materials obtained from the Cantina and specific events.

4. Complete the Galactic Legend Event:

After meeting the requirements, you’ll need to complete a series of event battles to unlock your Galactic Legend. These battles are challenging and require strategic team compositions and mods.

  • Rey’s Hero’s Journey: Consists of multiple tiers, each with specific team requirements.
  • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren’s Galactic Ascension: Similar structure with distinct phases and team setups.

Best Teams and Strategies for Using Galactic Legends

Once unlocked, Galactic Legends become the cornerstone of your roster. Building effective teams around them and employing strategic gameplay is essential for maximizing their potential.

1. Team Composition:

Galactic Legends typically lead teams that synergize well with their abilities. Here are some optimal team compositions:

  • Rey:
    • Leader: Rey
    • Members: Jedi Training Rey, Resistance Hero Finn, Resistance Hero Poe, BB-8
    Strategy: Rey’s leadership ability provides bonus health and damage. Use BB-8’s illuminated destiny to boost turn meter and damage output. Focus on utilizing Rey’s sudden whirlwind and lifeblood abilities to control the battlefield.
  • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren:
    • Leader: Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
    • Members: General Hux, Sith Trooper, Kylo Ren (Unmasked), First Order Officer
    Strategy: Kylo Ren’s leadership boosts offense and critical damage. General Hux prevents turn meter gain for the enemy, and Sith Trooper delivers high damage. Use Kylo Ren’s abilities to deal significant damage and control the pace of the battle.
  • Sith Eternal Emperor:
    • Leader: Sith Eternal Emperor
    • Members: Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, Emperor Palpatine, Royal Guard
    Strategy: Sith Eternal Emperor’s leadership enhances Sith allies. Use Darth Vader’s merciless massacre to apply debuffs, and Emperor Palpatine’s shock and stun abilities to control the enemy. The Emperor’s ultimate ability should be used to deliver a finishing blow.
  • Jedi Master Luke Skywalker:
    • Leader: Jedi Master Luke Skywalker
    • Members: Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, Hermit Yoda, General Kenobi, Aayla Secura
    Strategy: Luke’s leadership provides protection and stat boosts to Jedi allies. Hermit Yoda supports with healing and buffs, while Jedi Knight Luke applies debuffs and damage. Use Luke’s ultimate to turn the tide of the battle.

2. Modding Galactic Legends:

Proper modding is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of your Galactic Legends. Here are general modding tips for each:

  • Rey:
    • Mods: Health, Defense, Speed
    • Primary Stats: Health primary on Circle, Cross, and Triangle; Speed on Arrow
  • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren:
    • Mods: Speed, Health, Critical Damage
    • Primary Stats: Speed primary on Arrow; Critical Damage on Triangle; Health on Circle and Cross
  • Sith Eternal Emperor:
    • Mods: Speed, Health, Protection
    • Primary Stats: Speed primary on Arrow; Health on Circle, Cross, and Triangle
  • Jedi Master Luke Skywalker:
    • Mods: Speed, Health, Protection
    • Primary Stats: Speed primary on Arrow; Health on Circle, Cross, and Triangle

3. In-Battle Strategies:

Understanding the abilities and turn order is critical for using Galactic Legends effectively. Here are some general in-battle strategies:

  • Control the Turn Meter: Use abilities that manipulate turn meter to gain an advantage. For example, General Hux’s “The Emperor’s Trap” ability prevents enemy turn meter gain.
  • Focus on Key Targets: Identify and eliminate high-priority targets first. For example, use Kylo Ren’s “Furious Onslaught” to target and eliminate key enemy supports.
  • Utilize Ultimate Abilities: Galactic Legends have powerful ultimate abilities that can change the course of the battle. Time these abilities strategically for maximum impact.

Counter Strategies for Opposing Galactic Legends

Facing opposing Galactic Legends can be daunting, but with the right strategies and team compositions, you can counter them effectively.

1. Understanding Galactic Legend Abilities:

To counter Galactic Legends, you need to understand their abilities and strengths. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Rey:
    • Strengths: High survivability, massive health pool, ultimate ability that can devastate teams.
    • Weaknesses: Vulnerable to healing immunity and ability block.
  • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren:
    • Strengths: High damage output, turn meter control, and powerful ultimate ability.
    • Weaknesses: Susceptible to stun and damage over time effects.
  • Sith Eternal Emperor:
    • Strengths: High sustain, strong synergy with Sith allies, and ultimate ability that deals significant damage.
    • Weaknesses: Vulnerable to ability block and heal reduction effects.
  • Jedi Master Luke Skywalker:
    • Strengths: High protection, strong synergy with Jedi allies, and powerful ultimate ability.
    • Weaknesses: Susceptible to debuffs and turn meter reduction.

2. Counter Teams and Strategies:

Here are some effective counter teams and strategies for each Galactic Legend:

  • Countering Rey:
    • Team Composition: General Skywalker (Leader), Ahsoka Tano, General Kenobi, Shaak Ti, and Echo
    • Strategy: Focus on applying healing immunity and ability block to prevent Rey from using her abilities effectively. Use General Skywalker’s leadership to provide damage and sustain.
  • Countering Supreme Leader Kylo Ren:
    • Team Composition: Jedi Knight Revan (Leader), Grand Master Yoda, Jolee Bindo, Bastila Shan, General Kenobi
    • Strategy: Use Revan’s “Direct Focus” ability to stun Kylo Ren and control the battlefield. Grand Master Yoda’s foresight and damage can help mitigate Kylo’s attacks.
  • Countering Sith Eternal Emperor:
    • Team Composition: Padmé Amidala (Leader), Jedi Knight Anakin, General Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, C-3PO
    • Strategy: Use Padmé’s protection up and healing abilities to sustain your team. Apply healing immunity and ability block to the Emperor to prevent him from using his abilities.
  • Countering Jedi Master Luke Skywalker:
    • Team Composition: Darth Revan (Leader), Darth Malak, Bastila Shan (Fallen), HK-47, Sith Trooper
    • Strategy: Use Darth Revan’s “Insanity” ability to apply fear and debuffs. Darth Malak’s drain life can reduce Luke’s effectiveness, while Bastila Shan (Fallen) provides debuffs and damage.

3. Modding Counter Teams:

Properly modding your counter teams is essential for success. Here are some general modding tips:

  • General Skywalker Team:
    • Mods: Speed, Health, Offense
    • Primary Stats: Speed on Arrow, Offense on Cross, Health on Circle and Triangle
  • Jedi Knight Revan Team:
    • Mods: Speed, Health, Protection
    • Primary Stats: Speed on Arrow, Health on Circle and Cross, Protection on Triangle
  • Padmé Amidala Team:
    • Mods: Speed, Health, Protection
    • Primary Stats: Speed on Arrow, Health on Circle and Cross, Protection on Triangle
  • Darth Revan Team:
    • Mods: Speed, Health, Protection
    • Primary Stats: Speed on Arrow, Health on Circle and Cross, Protection on Triangle

4. In-Battle Strategies:

Effective in-battle strategies are crucial for countering Galactic Legends. Here are some general tips:

  • Control the Battlefield: Use abilities that manipulate turn meter and apply debuffs to control the pace of the battle.
  • Focus on Key Targets: Identify and eliminate high-priority targets first. For example, eliminate supports and healers to reduce the enemy’s sustain.
  • Utilize Ability Timing: Time your abilities strategically to maximize their impact. For example, use healing immunity when the enemy is about to use a healing ability.


Unlocking, using, and countering Galactic Legends in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes requires advanced strategies, careful planning, and efficient resource management. By following the guidelines outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can optimize your approach to Galactic Legends and achieve success in various game modes. Whether you’re aiming to unlock a new Galactic Legend, build powerful teams around them, or counter opposing Galactic Legends, these strategies will help you dominate the galaxy. May the Force be with you!