Fame and Fortune

SWTOR Game Update 5.9.3: Fame and Fortune

Here are the patch notes for SWTOR game update 5.9.3: Fame and Fortune Highlights Vandin Huttball – The galaxy’s favorite sport* is back in an all-new venue: the Sky Shredder! Located on the scenic** world of Vandin, Huttball fanatics can look forward to new and deadlier challenges as they battle for victory! *Based on a survey of Hutt Cartel members and staff. **Visibility may vary depending on viewer’s species. Some breathing restrictions apply. Double Rewards Event – Earn double XP, CXP, and more from October 9th – October 16th! General Free-to-play players can now chat freely in Groups and Guilds. The Rooftop Garden of the Manaan Stronghold is no longer inaccessible in some situations. Ranked and Unranked Warzones now have separate queue buttons inside of Activity Finder. Players can once again enter the PvP areas of Ilum as a group. All large hooks are once again selectable on the Sky Carrier: Main Deck…

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