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Star Wars Video Games: Monthly News Roundup – January 2019

Star Wars Video Games Monthly News Roundup - January 2019

Welcome to the Monthly News Roundup series! This post, posted at the end of every month or the start of a month, aims to sum up the latest updates and changes to the relevant Star Wars games. January 2019: Star Wars Battlefront II (Shooter): January saw the release of the Darth Tyranus Update, bringing the dark-side Sith Lord Count Dooku (voiced by Corey Burton) into the game with 2 appearances. Like with the General Kenobi appearance, Dookus additional appearance Dark Ritual is taken from The Clone Wars series. The Geonosis map is also now available on the Heroes vs Villains and Blast modes, as well as Custom Arcade. Star Wars: The Old Republic (MMO): After the major December Game Update 5.10 Jedi Under Siege It’s mostly been a quiet month for SWTOR. The only update is that Game Update 5.10.1 is now live on the Public Test Server Galaxy of Heroes (Mobile Collecting Game): Galaxy of Heroes has had a busy month. Opening up…

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