Friends Of SWTOR

New Friends of SWTOR Program Live (New Rewards)

The new and improved “Friends Of SWTOR Program” is now live with great new rewards! Rewards are retroactive even though they said this would not be the case – which is awesome. What is less awesome is the   “within 14 days of signing up” limitation on getting your rewards. Some people referred friends at the launch of the Hutt Cartel expansion but they were unable to play it due to school/work/etc. Now that they’re able to actually play and have the desire to subscribe, I find that I won’t be getting anything for telling them about this game since it’s WAY past 14 days. I guess it’s not too bad though. I’d rather have people to play with than a bunch of droids. Though that speeder would have been nice… Step 1 – Invite Your Friends As an active Subscriber, you have a personal referral link to send to your friends! Refer friends who…

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