SWTOR Meets Power Rangers

We like to talk about gear around here. In MMORPGs, gear is often a big part of the experience and we all know how some games (SWTOR not excluded) have really goofed with some of their gear and item sets. Sometimes we think we’re getting something awesome and it ends up looking so ridiculous, you laugh at your own character while playing. But speaking of SWTOR gear, it seems many have noticed how closely a certain gear set resembles Power Rangers. If someone’s shouting “Might Morphin’ Power Rangers!” at you wearing this, then this could be why. Here we have a black Power Ranger: And of course, the White Ranger: Someone even put together a full album of all the different colors. Check it out! It’s actually pretty funny when you think about it, especially seeing all those dyed colors. Do you have any gear sets that remind you of…

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Last Chance to Get Great SWTOR Gear from JINX

We told you about awesome SWTOR t-shirts from JINX back when they first came out with them. They also have some other cool stuff like keychains and stickers/decals. But sadly, they won’t be carrying these items any longer and once an items goes out of stock, it’s gone forever. They’ve having a massive sellout sale just in time for the holidays and you can get your favorites at some pretty rocking prices. I found a t-shirt I wanted at only $9.99. And if you’ve never had a JINX shirt before, they are really high quality. The images stay on after many washes and they are soft and comfortable to wear so you’re getting good quality. See the entire Star Wars Collection here. One longtime favorite has been the Frog-Dogs and Rottworms Huttball T-shirts. They have men’s tees and women’s tees and they also have some cool hats. But sizes are…

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TOR TV: How to gear an alt fast

Youtube heltidsluffare made an interesting video showing how he geared his latest alt in SWTOR.  The same day as he got level 50 he was fully geared to do anything. Personally I can definitely foresee some people really appreciating this video. However…  1.4 made his weapon choice much easier! You can use the ranked warzone commendations to get a war hero lightsaber immediately at 50 instead of down-ranking them to buy the battlemaster lightsaber. You get a better product, and you pay less. I know you made your plans before the patch, but it is such a significant change that players today need to be aware of. Still a great watch. Check it out below:

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