Guardian Top 3 Questions – Answered

Eric Musco Posted a new Top 3 Questions post on the official forums today. This one regards the Guardian. Here is the TL;DR version Can you up our PVP DPS Defense? Answer: No you greedy little fuck. Actually Nerf incoming. Happy? My AOE spec isn’t hitting really hard via single target. Buff please? Answer: You are seriously fucking stupid. There is a middle tree for exactly what you are asking. But hey, why not. Imma nerf you sustained damage tho. Cool? There are now too many options in the Middle tree. I’m incapable of reading and choosing things. Can we just standardize the tree so I just click everything and win? Answer: I guess we can do that. We wouldn’t want you accidently choosing a talent that doesn’t directly benefit the exact thing you are doing this instant. You can read the full post here, or our copy paste below:…

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