Star Wars: A New Hope as an Infographic (The entire movie in one image)

Infographics have been making their way across the Internet for some time now. While there was a boom a couple of years ago that seems to have died down now, we still see infographics on a regular basis. Sometimes they are just for fun or for a graphic designer to play with his or her skills a bit. Sometimes they are used to better illustrate a point than words alone. Sometimes they are used along with other elements to help show a bigger picture. In this case, we have something entirely unique. Illustrator Martin Panchaud recently transformed Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope into SWANH. It’s a very, very long infographic that tells us everything that happened in Star Wars: A New Hope. Seriously, everything. All of it. The entire movie in a graphic. Just scroll down. Now scroll some more. Yep, keep scrolling. It’s all there. He even…

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New Facebook image update: Patch 1.7 sneak peak.

BioWare has started teasing us with new screenshots for upcoming patches and expansions to Star Wars: The old republic. This new photo, posted only few hours ago on the official Facebook page looks like a Wampa boss, but no details have been released yet. This picture is also on the 1.7 update page, so we  suspect it is what might be inside the Gree ship in 1.7 🙂 Check out the image below:

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Complete Custom Synthweaving overview

Here is a  fantastic Compilation of all the  Synthweaving armors currently available in the game. If your new to the game, Synthweaving is the process of fabricating synthetic materials out of crystals, various chemicals and artifact fragments to construct armor for Force users. Vendors provide premade solutions, suspensions and composites that are used during the Synthweaving process. Synthweavers can reverse engineer their crafted armor and possibly discover new ways to improve armor creating. What do you think? Do you like the sets? Were you disappointed? Will you be saving up for a specific set in particular? Already got a set and have screenshots of it? We want to see! Post us a link to your images in the comments.

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