January SWTOR Story Livestream Notes

BioWare posted a video yesterday featuring Charles Boyd and Alexander Freed. The video go over the story in Knight of the fallen empire, and upcoming content we can expect with chapter 10. KoTFE Recap Storytelling in games has the unique of challenging of having players able to see and know the villain without placing players in the same room as them as they would be dispatched quickly by the player.You need to get the villains upclose to the players to be a significant presence in their life. It would be hard to imagine Star Wars Ep4 told from only Luke’s perspective. Vader would just be a random Tie Fighter pilot. Vaylin is an unpredictable villain. She is difficult to pin down, you never know what she is going to do next. You got lots of serious figures like Arcann being very stoic. So seeing her and Arcann act entirely different…

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SWTOR Livestream: Monday, June 10th

BioWare Austin will be hosting a  Livestream Q&A to discuss the upcoming Game Update 2.2: Operation Nightmare tomorrow Monday June 10th. The new Operation won’t be the only thing they crew will be discussing tomorrow; questions regarding Underworld Gear Crafting and the new level 55 elite gear will also be discussed, so remember to attend and get your questions answered. You can find the link to their Livestream page here, and the even begins at 4PM CDT/2PM Pacific.  Details can be found here, and cover how you can participate in this Q&A event. LiveStream Event – June 10, 2013 We are excited to announce the next LiveStream Q&A Event! Below is all the information you need in order to watch and participate in the LiveStream Event.Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – LiveStreamMonday, June 10, 2013 4:00pm to 4:30pm CDT Our next LiveStream Event will discuss Game Update 2.2: Operation Nightmare, which introduces exciting new Level 55 Nightmare…

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