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SWTOR March Producer’s Livestream Coverage

Here is the SWTOR March Producer’s Livestream notes and coverage for Star Wars: The old Republik Where: When: 2 PM PST (about 1 hr from this post) What: March Producer’s Livestream Notes Agenda State of the Galaxy Chapter 11 Odessen Proving Grounds & Rishi Arena Quality of Life Improvements Eternal Championship Chapter 12 story time State of the Galaxy Eternal Championship delayed due to quality issues. It wasn’t fun to play. We know there are a couple issues with Chapter 11 launch. Patch tomorrow morning to fix. Couple more fixes by early next week (hopefully Tuesday). They like to thank the youtubers/podcast for sharing info. /u/swtorista was mentioned. Chapter 11 Join forces with Major Jorgan and Havoc Squad. Venture deep into enemy territory and change the course of war. New Disavowed Cartel Market Pack is live. Standing mount and Havoc armor most popular Odessen Warzone/Rishi Arena Coming with Chapter…

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