SWTOR March Producer’s Livestream Coverage

Here is the SWTOR March Producer’s Livestream notes and coverage, put together by dulfy over at Reddit:


When: 2 PM PST (about 1 hr from this post)

What: March Producer’s Livestream



  • State of the Galaxy
  • Chapter 11
  • Odessen Proving Grounds & Rishi Arena
  • Quality of Life Improvements
  • Eternal Championship
  • Chapter 12 story time

State of the Galaxy

  • Eternal Championship delayed due to quality issues. It wasn’t fun to play.
  • We know there are a couple issues with Chapter 11 launch. Patch tomorrow morning to fix. Couple more fixes by early next week (hopefully Tuesday).
  • They like to thank the youtubers/podcast for sharing info. /u/swtorista was mentioned.

Chapter 11

  • Join forces with Major Jorgan and Havoc Squad. Venture deep into enemy territory and change the course of war.
  • New Disavowed Cartel Market Pack is live.
    • Standing mount and Havoc armor most popular

Odessen Warzone/Rishi Arena

  • Coming with Chapter 12 on April 5th (both warzone and Rishi arena).
  • Warzone is for available to all players (both F2P and subscribers)
  • Cross-faction is only available for Odessen Proving Grounds right now, might expand to other warzones in the future.
  • Iteration in progress
    • Control Point active for 90s instead of 75s.
    • Middle control point always available in round 1
    • Battle mods available until used

QoL Changes

  • Some QoL changes mentioned last livestream that are coming April 5th.
    • 5 strongholds, 50% increase in decoration limits for guild ships, 999 new limit for common decorations
    • 1000 member guild cap, legacy name column with primary character flag, mass selection guild management option
  • Character name improvements – allowing you to have a space in your name.
  • PvE and PvP instance types. Traditionally our servers have being a specific type, we wanted to do away with that. Now you can be on any server you want and through the map you can select PvP or PvE instance.
  • Updated server select screen to reflect the new PvP/PvE instances.
  • Social window improvements like using /who

Eternal Championship

  • Eternal Champion title available for those playing it
  • Launch date will be announced next Producer stream in 4 weeks or beforehand.
  • PTS and blog for Eternal Championship will be available late March (within next 2 weeks)

April Subscriber Rewards

  • HK-55 weapon set: Sniper rifle, blaster pistol, and vibrosword

HK-55 weapon set

  • Early access to Chapter 12: Vision in the Dark

Storytime with Charles Boyd

  • Inside the story video blog coming soon.
  • Chapter 12: New information leads to potentially deadly mission for the alliance. Valkorion has brutal plans for the outlander. Special return appearance from some fan-favorite characters (Satele Shan and the spirit of Darth Marr)
  • Alliance recruit: Akghal Usar (a dashade like Khem Val).. Hidden in a mysterious tomb on Yavin 4. Need to solve an elaborate puzzle to unlock him. A deadly ally with ties to both past and present.
  • When are we getting our favorite companion back?
    • They need to be tied to the story, their return need to matter.
  • How much time has passed from the time you were unfrozen to Chapter 11?
    • Couldn’t be more than a month or two
  • What happened to Elara Dorne?
    • It is likely Elora was not allowed to continue with the Havoc Squad due to her previous Imperial afflictions (Saresh wouldn’t allow someone with Empire afflictions near the top Republic elite force).