Deceived Remix (ft. Hollywood Undead)

This cool remix is made by Jadaco

The following is his own description from his youtube page:

I don’t normally do this kind of thing.

But, just for fun, after buying this song and later seeing this trailer, I played the song with the trailer’s sound muted. I was really surprised how well they synced up together. So much so, in fact, that I couldn’t fight the urge to completely remix the original audio of the trailer to underlay this song as an alternate score.

I did NOT edit the song AT ALL for the sake of the video.
I did NOT edit the video AT ALL for the sake of the song.

What you see is just an awesome coincidence.

I DID, however, have to remix a lot of the sound effects in order to get rid of the original music. If you compare the two, you’ll notice where I used a different sound set. This is mostly because I didn’t bother to hunt down every single sound they used in the original track (the ships sound most notably different). Ultimately, though, I’m really happy with the sounds I did use. It gives this version a different feel.

I do NOT take credit for the original video.
I do NOT take credit for the song.

I only mixed the two together.

The original video is the “Deceived” cinematic trailer for the upcoming game “Star Wars: The Old Republic”””””””””””””””””””””. Look it up, it’s extremely well done. This isn’t meant to replace it, or even “one up” it. I like both versions just the same.

The music, as credited in the video, is the song “City” by Hollywood Undead. If you like it, I highly recommend picking it up from iTunes (or wherever you prefer). In fact, it’s a great album overall, so I recommend that too.

Last, and most important, this is purely a fan work that seeks no profit and does not aim to infringe upon the rights of any respective copyright owners. This is meant to be a transformative work that, if anything, strengthens the support and interest of any fans of the content. Unless they don’t like this particular work, in which case they’d ignore it anyway. Even so, this work does nothing to deface the value or profitability of any of the content herein.

In any case, no harm done. Please don’t bark, just enjoy.