Star Wars: Outlaws - The Upcoming Open-World Adventure by Ubisoft

Disney’s Brief Tease and Retraction of ‘Star Wars Outlaws’

Disney’s brief announcement and quick retraction regarding “Star Wars Outlaws” created a stir among fans, highlighting the anticipation for the game:

  • Initial Announcement: Disney’s blog post hinted at a late 2024 release for Ubisoft’s “Star Wars Outlaws.”
  • Game Details: The post described an open-world experience, exploring new and iconic planets with characters Kay Vess and Nix.
  • Quick Retraction: The specific release timeframe was soon removed from the post, reverting to a general “2024” release.
  • Fan Speculation: The brief mention led to speculation about the game’s release date, with possibilities extending into 2025.
  • Ubisoft’s Clarification: Ubisoft confirmed that the original post was an error, maintaining a non-specific “2024” release date.
  • Continued Anticipation: Despite the retraction, excitement for “Star Wars Outlaws” remains high among the gaming community.

A Glimpse into the Future of Star Wars Gaming

In a fleeting moment that sparked excitement among “Star Wars” fans, Disney inadvertently hinted at a late 2024 release for Ubisoft’s open-world heist game, “Star Wars Outlaws.” The information appeared in a Disney Parks blog post, which listed “24 Oooh-Worthy Things at Disney Experiences in 2024,” briefly mentioning the much-anticipated game.

The Brief Announcement of ‘Star Wars Outlaws’

The original post described “Star Wars Outlaws” as an open-world game set in the Star Wars universe, scheduled for release late in 2024. It promised players the opportunity to explore both iconic and new planets in the galaxy, taking on the role of Kay Vess, an emerging scoundrel, and her companion Nix. The game was touted as offering a galaxy full of opportunities for those willing to take risks.

The Quick Retraction

However, shortly after the blog post went live and the “late this year” release timeframe caught the attention of fans and media, Disney edited the post. The updated version removed the specific timeframe, stating only that “Star Wars Outlaws” is set to come out “in 2024.” This quick retraction led to speculation about whether the original post was a slip or a simple error.

Speculation and Expectations

The brief mention of a late 2024 release aligns with traditional gaming release patterns, where the holiday quarter is a prime time for major game launches. However, the lack of a more precise release window as the year unfolds suggests that a later release is more likely than an earlier one. There’s also the possibility that the game could be pushed to 2025 or beyond, as seen with other titles like “Skull and Bones.”

Ubisoft’s Response

In response to the speculation, a Ubisoft representative clarified to PC Gamer that the blog post was an error and that the release timing for “Star Wars Outlaws” remains unchanged, sticking to a non-specific “2024” release.

Conclusion: Anticipation Continues to Build

Despite the brief tease and subsequent retraction, anticipation for “Star Wars Outlaws” continues to build. Fans are eagerly awaiting more details about the game, which promises to add a new dimension to the Star Wars gaming universe. As 2024 progresses, all eyes will be on Ubisoft for an official announcement regarding the game’s release.