Star Wars: Outlaws - The Upcoming Open-World Adventure by Ubisoft

Star Wars Outlaws: A Scoundrel’s Tale with Navid Khavari

In the vast universe of Star Wars, a new narrative is taking shape, inviting players into a galaxy teeming with rogues, scoundrels, and daring escapades. At the heart of this narrative is Kay Vess, a character that not only marks a new era for female protagonists in the Star Wars gaming landscape but also resonates deeply with the experiences of Venezuelan-born actress Humberly González. Butwhytho delve into an enlightening conversation with Navid Khavari, Narrative Director of Star Wars Outlaws, as he shares insights into the intricate threads of Kay’s journey, the immersive tapestry of the game’s open-world experience, and the uncharted territories that Star Wars Outlaws bravely explores.

A New Hero Rises: Kay Vess

Khavari is incredibly proud of the decision to have Humberly González play the lead protagonist, Kay Vess. The choice was not just about increasing representation in the gaming industry; it was about finding the perfect person for the role. González brought Kay to life, infusing her with resilience and depth that inspired the team to revisit and refine the character’s essence. The collaboration between González and Khavari was a key part of the process, allowing the narrative and performance to meld into a unique creation.

Crafting a Relatable Female Protagonist

Female protagonists in Star Wars games have been relatively rare, and Kay Vess is breaking new ground. The team aimed to build a complex, three-dimensional character, and Khavari emphasizes the importance of making Kay relatable. She is depicted as a rookie, a thief struggling to survive, which makes her journey all the more engaging for players.

An Open-World Odyssey

Star Wars Outlaws boasts a vast open-world experience with diverse environments, including distinct weather events. Khavari explains that the game is designed to reward players’ curiosity. Whether you are on a contract in a cantina on Toshara or venturing off the beaten path on your speeder, the story will adapt and reward your exploration.

The Dynamic Duo: Kay and Nix

Nix, Kay’s droid companion, plays a pivotal role in the game’s narrative and combat. He is Kay’s heart and support system, reflecting her moods and adapting to players’ gameplay choices. Khavari hints at fun story moments with Nix that players will discover as they progress.

The Veteran Droid: ND-5

ND-5, a droid veteran of the Clone Wars, brings a unique perspective to the story. Khavari describes ND-5 as a character with a rough exterior due to his experiences during the Clone Wars, but with a deeper emotional weight that impacts his interactions throughout the game.

A Scoundrel’s Arsenal

The game’s combat system offers a blend of blaster combat, hand-to-hand combat, and stealth. Players can expect a range of weapons and equipment to acquire and customize, including Kay’s modular blaster, which evolves along with her character.

The Trailblazer: A Symbol of Freedom

The Trailblazer, Kay’s ship, serves as a symbol of her freedom and a key aspect of the scoundrel fantasy. Players will have opportunities to upgrade and customize the ship, reflecting Kay’s growth throughout her journey.

A Rich Narrative Canvas

Set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, the game provides a rich narrative canvas. Khavari is excited about exploring the underworld from a scoundrel’s perspective during this iconic era, and players can expect interactions with iconic characters, including Jabba the Hutt.

Criminal Syndicates and Galactic Politics

Star Wars Outlaws introduces new criminal syndicates, such as the Ashiga Clan, based on Kijimi. Players will learn about the history and motivations of these syndicates throughout the game, and their actions will impact the dynamics between various factions in the galaxy.

Moral Complexities of a Scoundrel

Khavari elaborates on how the game’s narrative will explore the moral complexities and challenges faced by a scoundrel like Kay Vess. Players can shape her journey based on their decisions, adding a layer of depth and personal investment to the experience.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in the Star Wars Saga

As Star Wars Outlaws prepares to launch, it promises to leave an indelible mark on the Star Wars canon. The collaboration between Khavari, the development team, and the passionate fan base reveals a dedication to crafting narratives that resonate with authenticity and impact. As we eagerly anticipate stepping into Kay’s boots, blaster in hand, aboard the Trailblazer, one thing becomes clear – the scoundrel’s journey is not just about rewriting the galactic narrative but also about connecting players with characters whose struggles, triumphs, and identities mirror the diverse tapestry of our own world.