SWTOR Patch 5.2 Developer’s Livestream Coverag

Here is  the SWTOR 5.2 Developer Livestream coverage where Iokath and other contentcovered. Check it out:


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Warbound Crusader Pack

Game Update 5.2 – War for Iokath

  • Everyone is on Iokath for the Superweapon and resources they need to continue the war with each other. You need to support either Republic or the Empire on Iokath.
  • Returning companions – Quinn and Elara. They will side with you depending on if you side with Empire/Republic. Sith Warriors may have another way to get Quinn back. There are still choices you can make that determines if you get them or not. These companions are tied to the story, and not dailies/reputation.
  • Season 8 PvP will go on a bit longer, no date on end date.
  • You just need to be level 70 to access Patch 5.2 content. Which means you must have been a subscriber in the past but don’t need to be a current subscriber.

New Daily Area

  • Opens up once you finish the story, which is not repeatable.
  • You can collect currency in the daily area and use them to command walkers, stationary turrets, Iokath monitor droids, and mouse droids.
  • Player vs Player – even though you make a choice in the story to support Empire/Republic, everyday you can log back in and pick a side to support for daily activities. This allow you to work on both the Empire and the Republic Iokath reputation tracks.
  • Unfortunately you cannot team up with players of the opposite faction that picked the same faction to support but they will be friendly to you.
  • When you kill players on Iokath, they will drop Iokath currency like the regular NPCs but you are not stealing their Iokath currency.

Gods from the Machine – Tyth

New Galaxy Map

Star Wars Celebration

  • Starts next Thursday, they will be there on Friday from 7-11 PM.
  • They will have a contest inside the Cantina for players to try and beat Tyth. Players in the teams that beat Tyth will receive some special prizes.
  • They are also giving away new t-shirts and Tyth posters.