The Benefits of Playing Games: Psychological and Physiological Aspects

The benefit of playing games and live casino for health is a fact, confirmed by research. The vascular, nervous, and hormonal systems receive beneficial effects worth talking about. 

Physiological benefits of gambling 

Playing with a live dealer, online slots or roulette affects the molecular physiology of the central nervous system. The such process causes the release of so-called “stress hormones” and “happiness hormones”. A similar cocktail of adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine causes a surge in brain activity and a feeling of joy. It’s some kind of stress. 

Dosed stress caused by games trains the central nervous system. As a result, with regular play, the body becomes more able-bodied and more resistant to stress. 

Regular hormonal surges are beneficial. They increase blood flow to the brain, which allows for maintaining high cognitive functions for longer. Studies of the brain activity of playing people have shown that they are much less prone to premature memory loss than non-gamblers. So, people that have gambling as a hobby reduces emotional fatigue and increase stress resistance. 

Benefits for the mind 

Card games, roulette, live casino games and even slots are great exercises for the mind. They develop mindfulness, observation and logic. There are game systems that allow to increase the level of skill. 

“Pumping” the mind in games, people act more calmly and meaningfully in life situations and at work. They make difficult decisions easier. Experienced players easier find a way out of situations that non-gamblers often do not notice at all. 

The psychological benefits  

The psychological benefits come down to such a concept as psychological relief. At the game table or betting on sports, a person noticeably relaxes. The effect is comparable to relaxation after taking a small dose of alcohol or making love. But at the same time, to relieve stress, there is no need to look for a partner as for making love. And there is no need to harm health as when drinking alcohol. 

Behavior during gambling as a test of adequacy 

The behavior of a person in a game is an excellent indicator of adequacy and mental health. Most people behave relaxed and calm, and experience an upsurge, but at the same time, they know how to stop in time. 

Gambling under control – benefits for the mind and health 

Almost all the pleasant things in life, if doing them in the incorrect way, can be harmful to health. Even Paracelsus said: “Everything is poison and everything is medicine. The only dose makes it one way or another. It is only the dose which makes a thing poison.” 

So, 50 grams of cognac dilates blood vessels and improves mood. But 500 grams enter into a state of extreme intoxication, up to poisoning. 50 grams of chocolate stimulates the production of the “hormone of joy” endorphin. But regular overeating of sweets leads to obesity and diabetes. 

By analogy, we can talk about gambling. Once a week playing games, it is easy to relieve the accumulated tension without falling into depression. If you play regularly, you can gradually train your mind. You become more focused and collected. And the body becomes more resistant to stress and reduces the rate of emotional fatigue. 

Controlled play is a convenient hobby that is comparable in benefits to learning foreign languages and chess.