Lucasfilm Registers Domains for Star Wars Games

Are you ready for some new Star Wars games? Seriously, who isn’t? All of us here at SWTOR Strategies love Star Wars and while we also love SWTOR, we’re all about seeing what new games are going to come from this new partnership and contract with EA. We’re dedicated to bringing you any news about Star Wars games which is why we’re excited that Lucasfilm has registered a group of Star Wars-related domain names, according to Fusible. Several of the new domains reference Star Wars themes, including the following:  Star Wars Alliance  Star Wars Rebels  Star Wars Wolf Pack  Wolf Pack Adventures  Order 67  Bothan Spies  Gungan Frontier 2  Gungan Frontier 3  Gungan Frontier 4  Wookie Hunters That’s unfortunately all we know at this time and none of the registered names match any current projects so it’s hard to say how soon (if at all) these new games could be coming. Still, it’s…

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Bonnie Burton laid off from Lucasfilm

Bonnie Burton, the face and voice of Star Wars fandom (especially for females) has announced via her Twitter that they have laid her off. She was the online contact with the fandom. The ways things have been going with Lucasfilm and, it almost looks like they are trying to do away with things that involve the fan community. It’s really hard to say what this move was all about. Bonnie was a huge asset to the company. She wrote content for the website and handled social media. She was hired in 2003, during the run-up to Revenge of the Sith. One thing that is for certain- Bonnie can land another job easily with her experience and her skills. In my opinion, freelancing is really where it’s at these days for writing and social media anyway. Companies are too unpredictable. You never know when the next one is going to…

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