Master Gnost Dural

Game Update 2.4: The Dread War and A Record of the Dread Masters

With game update 2.4 we finally get to see the conclusion on the epic  Dread War and what will happen to the Dread Masters. BioWare posted a new Developer Blog about what we can expect plus a new Journal entry by Master Gnost Dural, were he accounts of the Dread Masters. Unfortunately this is not a recorded video like the old Galactic Timeline Records we saw before the game was launched. It’s still a great read though. Check out the Developer Blog here and the   Journal entry by Master Gnost Dural here. CONFRONT THE DREAD MASTERS AND COMPETE IN THE WARZONE ARENAS OF DEATH! Get ready to team up with allies to confront the powerful and terrifying Dread Masters, and prepare to compete in new arenas of death coming in Game Update 2.4: The Dread War! – Withstand the fires of Oricon, a new story mission area where the Dread Masters plot to…

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