Meet the Developers

Meet the Developers: Rob Hinkle

BioWare posted a new installment  of  the “Meet the Developers” series.  This time  the article  features Senior Designer, Rob Hinkle.  You can check out the full interview here, or our snippet below. Also remember to check out ToRWars podcast back from December, were they had the chance to sit down with Rob Hinkle and ask him questions regarding PVP. What does a typical day look like for you at the studio? My day can be broken down into a couple different major sections, not all of which happen every day but all of which occur with regular frequency. Planning: Discussions that center around what we might want to do for the future, be it the next patch or for the next year Designing: Doing the actual work fleshing out and implementing what has been planned and committed to. This is the lion’s share of most days, as it covers a wide variety of tasks. Polish…

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Meet the Developers: Jonathan Crow

Cool interview with Jonathan Crow, with some insight into what they keep tabs on. Quite an enjoyable read. Man would love to see the queries he runs on all that sweet sweet data he has access too. What does a typical day look like for you? Most days I work on two activities: 1. Monitoring the health of the game via a series of dashboards that we developed to track some of the important key performance indicators for the game (keeping track of daily logins, game economy, engagement in Operations and Warzones, etc). 2. Working on deeper-dive analyses associated with specific areas of play (such as comparing player deaths to boss kill rates between Operations) to help the development team assess whether a certain feature or piece of content needs to be modified to maximize the engagement and enjoyment of the player base. Can you share some interesting statistics with…

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Meet the Developers: Hall Hood

This week’s Meet the Developers post from SWTOR features Hall Hood, Lead Writer on Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. In each “Meet the Developers,” they introduce a new developer, ask them some questions about their background and their place on the SWTOR team and then they publish it all on the forums in a specific thread so you can read and ask more questions if you want. I was excited to see this week’s was with Hall Hood. I always love hearing from the writers on the team and I knew he would have a lot of insight into the game and storylines. Here’s a snippet of the interview: Who is your favorite companion? Why? Risha, hands-down. She’s so much fun to write, and Tara Strong’s voice acting blows me away every time. What has been the most enjoyable thing to write for SWTOR? I’m a big fan of our companion…

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