Michael Backus

New SWTOR dev blog talks about Galactic Starfighter (Sorta)

BioWare have posted a new new Star Wars: The Old Republic dev diary on the official website. This time it’s about the the recently announced Galactic Starfighter expansion. Lead designer Michael Backus is the blog author, and he writes the first of what surely is going to be many posts about the background and development of Galactic Starfighter. This first blog on the subject doesn’t contain much in the way of gameplay info, but hopefully we get to read much more about this in the future. Check it out over at the official website, or read it here below: Galactic Starfighter Development, Introduction: Part I 10.18.2013 Introduction Greetings Starfighters, Let me welcome you to what will be the first of many Developer Diaries delving into the background and development of Galactic Starfighter™ and its place within the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ experience. Before I get into the details of…

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