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EA Tells Us Why DICE is Perfect for Battlefront

We recently got word that EA would be bringing DICE onto the team for Star Wars: Battlefront. There was not a lot of information given at first about the game, why they chose DICE or what we could all expect. But they’ve now spoken with IGN about it and we have some more info. “EA has commented on why DICE is a great fit for Star Wars: Battlefront. Speaking to IGN during an interview at E3, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau explained that the studio’s experience with Battlefield gives them a unique set of skills perfectly attuned to taking on Star Wars.” IGN has the full story but basically Gibeau tells us why DICE has proven themselves to be good at what they do and a perfect choice for creating Battlefront with Frostbite tech. EA believes that DICE will bring the creative and technical abilities needed to succeed on a…

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