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New Star Wars Game: First Assault Coming to XBLA?

There could be a new Star Wars game on the way and while it has not been officially released yet, there is some info going around the gaming communities about it. The mysterious LucasArts project that has had rumors flying for some time, appears to be an Xbox LIVE Arcade title. Back in August, it was discovered that LucasFilm had purchased a series of domain names related to something with Star Wars and this unknown title. Now, according to a listing on Xbox.com, via NeoGAF, Star Wars First Assault will be an XBLA game but it has not been officially confirmed by LucasArts yet. GameSpot provides some more information: A new Star Wars game is headed to Xbox Live Arcade, according to an eagle-eyed NeoGAF forum user.  The game has not yet been announced by LucasArts, but it is not entirely a mystery. In August, the company filed a trademark application for Star Wars: First Assault for…

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Star Wars 1313: A New Hope or a Phantom Menace?

Late last month, LucasArts took the wraps off Star Wars 1313, a third-person action-adventure game set on the planet of Coruscant. At the E3 conference in Los Angeles last week, LucasArts has debuted the first batch of footage for its forthcoming title – and safe to say, it resembles very little that has come before. In the clip, which features a cut scene and a few seconds of gameplay from a PC version of Star Wars 1313, a nameless bounty hunter descends hundreds of levels below the surface of Coruscant, to an area called 1313. There, some sort of accident leaves his transport vessel in flames, and the bounty hunter is forced to leap and scramble from one fiery scrap of metal to another. “”Star Wars 1313 dives into a part of the Star Wars mythos that we’ve always known existed, but never had a chance to visit,” Paul Meegan,…

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