Patch 1.3.1

1.3.1 patch notes – 7/3/2012

Servers are back up after this weeks maintenance. Many people speculated about a 4th of July event, but looking through the patch notes, it’s not the case. If you take in mind that 4th of July only is relevant in the states, it isn’t that hard to understand why they choose another date for next event. Below are the patch notes: Group Finder The Group Finder no longer displays multiple “Travel Now” dialogs when the group searches for a replacement while a player has the “Travel Now” dialog open already. Categories that player has not queued for no longer appear in the “Queued For:” tooltip. The Group Finder button is no longer visible when a player logs out of a higher-level character and back in to a character that is lower than level 10 (and therefore unable to use the Group Finder). A confirmation dialog now informs players that they…

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