patch 1.4.3

1.4.3 Patch Notes 10/30/2012

Servers are back up, and BioWare released a new patch. it’s unknown of this will be the last patch before the release of patch 1.5. Still it’s good to see a fair few fixes in this patch.  Biggest deal is probably the increase in rewards for story mode EC that Jesse Sky posted about a few days ago. There’s also a warzone fix that could have been what has been preventing people from getting into warzones recently. Classes and Combat Jedi Knight General The visual effects for Awe display more quickly to better match the ability’s effect. Flashpoints and Operations Flashpoints Cademimu Riding the taxi in this Flashpoint no longer causes a client crash. Operations [WEEKLY] Galactic Operations now rewards 15 Black Hole Commendations (up from 8). [WEEKLY] Galactic Crisis Points now rewards 20 Black Hole Commendations (up from 8). [WEEKLY] Deadly Operations now rewards 10 Black Hole Commendations. Explosive Conflict Warlord Kephess…

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