patch 1.7

1.7.2b Patch Notes

All the servers are coming back online and BioWare released the  patch notes. BioWare removed the Bolster trick people were using to power level characters doing the double XP weekend. Patch Notes 1.7.2b General Bolster has been temporarily removed on The Western Ice Shelf of Ilum so that lower level players can no longer use the area to level up more quickly than intended.

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Galactic Reputation System

Should you bother getting your Galactic Reputation up in SWTOR? The Galactic Reputation System was introduced to the game with the 1.7 update and it seems to have some interesting qualities. This new system offers two reputation groups that are shared by both factions and then both the Republic and the Empire have two more groups that are faction specific. Shared Factions Reputation Groups The Gree Enclave and the The Voss are the names of the reputation groups that are shared by both factions. The Gree is actually a new race of individuals. Gaining reputation with this race and becoming allies is something that both factions want and for good reason. Their technology is so advanced that it’s way above the existing technology the Galactic now possesses. Located throughout the “Relics of the Gree”, you’ll need to complete missions in IIum’s Western Ice Shelf to earn reputation with the Gree…

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New Facebook image update: Patch 1.7 sneak peak.

BioWare has started teasing us with new screenshots for upcoming patches and expansions to Star Wars: The old republic. This new photo, posted only few hours ago on the official Facebook page looks like a Wampa boss, but no details have been released yet. This picture is also on the 1.7 update page, so we  suspect it is what might be inside the Gree ship in 1.7 🙂 Check out the image below:

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