patch 1.7.2

Patch 1.7.2 Notes 3/12/2013

Patch day! Below are the patch notes for this weeks server maintenance. Lot’s of bug fixes and many new updates to the cartel market.  The new rep track, via Cartel Pack items only, is interesting. If they’ll be re-sellable via the GTN it’ll be a very steady method to convert CCs into Credits, I imagine. Check out the full patch notes below: 1.7.2 Patch Notes – 3/12/2013 Highlights The first Packs of Shipment Two are now available for sale on the Cartel Market! Most items in the Regulator and Enforcer’s Contraband packs are not found in the Shipment One Cartel Packs. Players may now gain reputation with the Contraband Resale Corporation, a group loosely affiliated with the Hutt Cartel! Reputation Trophies for this organization are now available in new Contraband Packs, and a new vendor has been added to allow players to capitalize on this reputation. Additional rewards have been added to many missions…

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