pax east 2012

Force Junkies Interview Emmanuel Lusinchi – PAX East

Emmanuel Lusinchi the Technical Design Director of Star Wars: The Old Republic also had a lot to say at PAX East 2012 and Force Junkies have published their interview for all of us to see. Here’s a snippet of their chat with Lusinchi: Do you coordinate your gear based on armor type? It’s based on color sets that we created intitially. Every piece of gear belongs to a set. And what happens, when you coordinate [your gear color] we’re actually going to read the color from that set and apply it to that gear. Let’s say you have a set of gear, and your chest is blue and you coordinate the rest of your gear, the rest of your gear is going to use the data from the blue chest piece? Yes, exactly. The fact that you can disable it per slot is important because if something doesn’t work you might…

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PAX East 2012: SWTOR Interview with James Ohlen

James Ohlen had a lot to say at PAX Easter about SWTOR, the Legacy System, future game updates and more. It’s really interesting to take the time to listen and read these interviews because we get insider information about what’s coming up in the game. This is great for those who are playing it and loving it and also interesting to those who have possibly quit SWTOR or grown bored with the content already. There is a lot of new stuff coming with game update 1.2 as well as other future updates throughout the end of the year. BioWare wants to gauge the fan reaction on this content to see what needs to be changed, upgraded or nixed altogether. It just makes sense to check out the new content and other upcoming future features. If you’ve already spent money on the game, why quit before you’ve even seen what’s coming?…

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