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This guys talks about why he can’t get into SWTOR’s housing. ( Discussion)

Not all MMO’s are made the same, as we all definitely know. However, most of the time we really get into the housing that goes along with them, all of the upgrades and house drops that you redeem after a battle drive us to want to keep our pad looking cool. However, Star Wars: The Old Republic seems to be hard to get into as far as housing goes for some fans. Here is a list of the reasons why. There is no convenient “go to my house” button the screen. Now this is all about laziness but many gamers want convenience when it comes to games, so why the heck could they not make it more efficient? Players have to open up a menu and then click another button in order to teleport to their house. In LOTRO, RIFT, and WildStar, the house warp button is always on the…

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Housing Location on Coruscant?

Here is something interesting. Reddit user Darth_Wicked has quite a sharp eye! When he logged into the game after watching the Player housing announcement trailer, he was able to pinpoint were the apartment in the video is located. Taking into account the Capital Ship, the Senate and the like, plus the buildings being rebuilt in the background and it would seem this building… Further evidence… Edit. Below image was just data mined. We are close to something guys: Edit. Below image was just data mined. We are close to something guys:

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