Ranksed warzones

Ranked Season 1 Details via Customer Service

Still not sure what Ranked Warzones is all about? The in-game help center might clear a few things up. It sates: Ranked Leaderboards and PVP Season 1 What are Ranked Arena Leaderboards? Our Leaderboards are where players can go to compare themselves against all other players in STAR WARS: The old Republic. Comparisons are based on a Players’s Rank. How are Leaderboards categorized? SWTOR Leaderboards are defined by Advanced Classes, and each Advanced Class across the two Factions shares a Leaderboard. How is Rank determined? A player can generate two types of Rank: Solo & Group Rank. When a player plays a Ranked Warzone in either of these categories, their respective Rank will be affected depending on the outcome of the match. The higher a player’s Rank, the higher they will be categorized on a Leaderboard, relative to all other players’ Ranks. What is Season 1? Season 1 is a…

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