Repair Costs

BioWare Says Repair Costs Being Recalculated Due To Community Concerns

Online Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez made a post on the official swtor forums about the raise in repair cost we saw with Game Update 1.7. Many players were frustrated about this issue, as it was  increasing repair costs by at least 33%. Before game update 1.7, repair costs were based on the shell of the item, and didn’t account for the level of the mods inside. Now they fixed it to properly account for all components. This made running operations very expensive for people with high end gear, and some people  including some of my guild mates had to stop doing this content due to this. Clearly there is room for improvement, and it needed re-evaluated. Good on them for that. Hi everyone,  Thank you all for your feedback on the changes to repair costs introduced with Game Update 1.7. Upon review, we agree with you that repair costs did become too high with this…

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