Rob Hinkle

Meet the Developers: Rob Hinkle

BioWare posted a new installment  of  the “Meet the Developers” series.  This time  the article  features Senior Designer, Rob Hinkle.  You can check out the full interview here, or our snippet below. Also remember to check out ToRWars podcast back from December, were they had the chance to sit down with Rob Hinkle and ask him questions regarding PVP. What does a typical day look like for you at the studio? My day can be broken down into a couple different major sections, not all of which happen every day but all of which occur with regular frequency. Planning: Discussions that center around what we might want to do for the future, be it the next patch or for the next year Designing: Doing the actual work fleshing out and implementing what has been planned and committed to. This is the lion’s share of most days, as it covers a wide variety of tasks. Polish…

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Corellian Run Radio Interviews Rob Hinkle

The good people over at Corellian Run Radio had the chance to interview Senior Systems Designer, Rob Hinkle.  In the interview  Mr. Hinkle answers questions regarding upcoming and current mechanics in PVP. What struck me the most about his answers to the questions, regarding gear.  He personally felt gear had mattered too much up to this point. He spoke of having progression without having such a large gear gap, i.e. tightening up the gear gap. This seems like a good way to go. Here is a snip: Question 4: Are there any plans to ever change from the vertical progression of PvP gear to horizontal, especially with free-to-play? (i.e. will gear in the future still be a large factor in performance?) Rob:  As we move forward, we want to tighten up the minimal gear level and maximum gear level power gap while inside PvP.  ToR is an MMORPG, so we feel that players need some…

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Developer Update: Ancient Hypergate

Senior Designer Rob Hinkle, takes the stage, in today’s Developer Update.  In this he introduce the new Warzone arriving  with the upcoming Game Update 1.6 in Star Wars: The old republic. While this might not contain much new information for people following swtorstrategies, it’s still worth a read. Also remember to check out Lisa’s Ancient Hypergate Preview if you haven’t done so already. Today, I would like to introduce the public to our newest addition to Star Wars™: The Old Republic, the Warzone: Ancient Hypergate. This Warzone takes place in an ancient ruin built around a Gree hypergate. The Republic and Sith Empire are doing battle in an effort to control the area and claim the lost technology for themselves. Each of the factions have calibrated a gate that will allow reinforcements to be brought directly into the battle. These gates need to be charged up to full power in order to stabilize the connection and allow for safe passage. A nearby set…

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