Season 1

DELAYED** Season 1 of Ranked Warzone Arenas

Eric Musco posted an update on the official SWTOR Forums, regarding the upcoming Season 1 of Ranked War zone Arenas. These will unfortunately bee delayed, as the devs found a game breaking bug with them. Surprised this happened? Not overly. Glad they caught it? Very. A bug like this could have cause major problems if it hit the live server. DELAYED Season 1 of Ranked Warzone Arenas | 10.25.2013, 08:22 AM Hey everyone, The last time we talked about Season One, we said that it was targeted to begin on Tuesday, October 29th. Unfortunately, we are going to be delaying the start of Season One. I know that this is the absolute last thing any PvP players will want to hear, but we have good reason. We have discovered that there is a major issue with how ratings are being awarded in Ranked matches currently. This bug can cause some very serious “rating…

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