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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 – October Patch 2019 Release Notes

The Star Wars: Battlefront 2 October patch is going live tomorrow morning (Stockholm time). Deployment is expected to start at approximately 10am CEST. This means that the challenges for Farmboy Luke and the Kenobi! emote will be enabled during the afternoon. For the full release notes, please check below: RELEASE NOTES CO-OP Made various balancing changes on various CO-OP maps (Kamino, Felucia, Geonosis). Changes include tweaking AI and human player spawn points, adding props for coverage, adjusting number of Command Posts per phase, adjusting the areas of effect around Command Posts etc. Adjusted the spawning rate of enemy Hero AI on CO-OP, by increasing the cooldown in-between spawning. Added scoring when completing a phase on CO-OP. Fixed an issue that would remove the timer when the player would go in an Out-Of-Bounds area, when playing a CO-OP map. Fixed an issue where the intro camera on Naboo and Kamino would…

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