stephen reid

BioWare layoff updates

 It has been a sad couple of days for many BioWare employers as many have to look for a new job. Today we can confirm that Stephen Reid was in fact one of the of the team members who have to look for a new job. On his  Facebook and Twitter he gave the following statement: Today my life’s next chapter starts. Lost track of how many chapters so far… but time to turn the page. I was one of those affected by layoffs at BioWare Austin yesterday. I got to build an amazing team while I was there, and miss them already. I’m also going to miss #SWTOR and the community we created. Sure, I know some of you hated me, but hey, I still worked hard for you. 🙂 I’ll be Twitter-quiet for a bit, but I’ll be back soon-ish. Doing something, somewhere, and talking about it here. I hope we keep talking. Last but…

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Special Events in SWTOR: Coming Soon!

At Guild Stummit earlier this month, the dev team revealed to us there would be special events coming to SWTOR. However, they were very tight-lipped about the whole thing. We wanted to know what type of events, when they would be coming and of course, anything else they could tell us. All they could tell us was “we can’t say anything else about special events at this time.” Well, now Stephen Reid has decided to reveal just a little bit more to us. This post in the official forums reveals slightly more details than we were previously told about these special world events coming soon to the game. A snippet: Thanks for the questions, everyone. I chatted with the events team and got a few more details for you. Quote: Originally Posted by dosadnik1. Are you going to announce like “Today we are having the [insert name here] event” or…

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