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December SWTOR Producer’s Livestream Coverage

BioWare had a producer livestream on Twitch yesterday.  Here is a rundown of it: Livestream Notes Ben Irving (Lead Producer) and Musco are present in the livestream. Ben was lead development producer and responsible for most of the updates from patch 2.4 and onwards. Ben quit his job in Australia and moved to Austin, TX to try to work on SWTOR. Agenda State of Galaxy Player feedback Chapter X Subscriber Rewards Anarchy in Paradise Events in December State of Galaxy/Player Feedback Player feedback has been very positive – shows collections of facebook messages/tweets praising the expansion. Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise Coming out in Feb 11 Recruit a dangerous ally (Kaliyo, now known as Firebrand) Continue your personal story and make deadly decisions and face the consequences. Choices really matter in this chapter. There is one choice you will immediately notice the consequence after the chapter finishes and another choice…

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