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Occupy SWTOR- Angry F2P Gamers Protest F2P Limitations

Something is asunder in SWTOR, at least that’s what one user who took this screenshot would have us to think. They protested by blocking GTN mailboxes and sending out this message “Occupying GTN mailbox for 2 more quick bars for free to play players!” One major downfall to their plan? All you’re doing is irritating your fellow players. This is not the way to get your way with BioWare but it might be a decent way to get a ban- temporary at very least. Players used to do this in WoW all the time until Blizz started banning for it and putting it more mailboxes all over the major cities so it hardly matters if one idiot wants to get on a huge mount, drink a firewater and sit on the mailbox. But what we can admire from these SWTOR “riots” is their determination and willingness to stand up for…

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Select Guilds Allowed Transfer to PTS for 1.4

1.4 is coming soon to SWTOR and players are excited to see it for themselves. Some are so excited, that they are hoping to get into the public test servers to check it out for themselves. The only problem? It seems some guilds are getting in while others are left waiting and wondering. A user on the forums asked, “Can BW please advise if anyone is getting character copies to the PTS?” Joveth Gonzalez, Online Community Manager for SWTOR offers this as an answer: Before PTS went live, we were in contact with a few of the guilds that have helped us test content in the past to see if they would be willing to test out our new content. Because our resources for character copying are very limited, we decided that it was best for us to work closely with these guilds than not have any high-end testing at…

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Preparing for 1.2: A How- to

  We’ve been talking a lot here about Game Update 1.2. BioWare is excited, the community is excited and we are all ready for the launch that was moved from March to an estimated time of mid-April. So in the meantime, what can you do to get ready for this game-changing event? If you quit playing to wait for 1.2, you might want to come on back because there are some things that those who are still playing are doing to prepare and you will be behind the curve if you wait. Here Dulfy brings us another great guide on preparing for patch 1.2.   Hey everyone, there has being quite a few Reddit posts over the past couple days on how to prepare for the arrival of patch 1.2 (estimated ETA early-mid April). So I compiled this little guide here outlining some of the things that I thought might…

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