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Zombies in Space- Coffin Comics Fun

What is BioWare trying to tell us with this recent (the first) world event? Rakghouls are trying to infect everyone and they take a striking resemblance to zombies, as many have pointed out. Zombies in space? It wouldn’t be the first time a video game had done this. Coffinshaker from Coffin Comics has a real funny cartoon about SWTOR and the current world event going on- the Rakghoul Invasion. He also used this as an opportunity to talk about a current theme in games today- zombies: Heh, didn’t mean for a double swtor posting this week, but I wanted to get this out there before the rakghoul invasion event ended.  Pretty cool stuff though!  Reminds me of the lich plague in wowcrafts just before WOTLK came out.  But what’s the deal with zombies anyways?  They seemed to have gained quite a bit of momentum in the last few decades.  Hell,…

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SWTOR World Events are Happening: Rakghoul Plague

As if we hadn’t all had enough of the Rakghouls leveling up, a new secret event is here with game update 1.2- The Rakghoul plague, which BioWare invented for the original Knights of the Old Republic is somewhat like a zombie apocalypse in a Star Wars world. Becoming infected can happen with a simple scratch and it will turn you into a hungry, hulking monster of a being. Trust me, you don’t want to be a Rakghoul. The Rakghoul plague has been a part of the SWTOR for some time now but this world event (the first of many to come) puts a new twist on it. There is a event going on right now, with UGTAH – (Infected by Rakghoul virus) level 50 world boss wandering the Outlaws Den. Just north of the Republic outpost in the Dune Sea on Tatooine you will find a crashed ship that is…

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