Virtual Reality Changes the Game for Online Casinos

There was a time when an online casino was a term that was completely unheard of. However, this soon changed, and more and more people began to experiment with online gaming. People began to try their hand at these online gaming portals soon became accustomed to the advantages that these platforms offer. Playing their favourite casino games from the comfort of their homes at any time of their choice was indeed too good an option to miss. However, technology keeps changing, and the online casino world is going to get a completely new dimension with the onset of Virtual reality technology. With VR technology in lay gamers will have access to huge casinos lined with a multitude of games that will be immensely interactive and players would feel as if they were sitting right in a land-based casino and enjoying their game. The VR experience at an online casino So,…

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Battlefront and VR – a Match Made in Heaven?

According to DICE, Star Wars: Battlefront has been made with a keen eye for detail and authenticity. Indeed, the game is possibly the most good- and authentic-looking Star Wars game ever, from the complexity of the locations and various mechanical war-machines, right down to the way individual weapons look and behave when fired. Now, another layer of realism is in the works, or rather, another – thus far only dreamt-about – way of experiencing the game’s authenticity is in the works and set to come about later this year completely free for PS4 owners. What we’re talking about is the Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission, which Criterion Games and DICE are currently working on and which is set to come to PlayStation VR exclusively. Criterion have racked up quite a bit of experience in vehicle gaming, and this will be a sort of crowning piece for their work. Piloting…

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