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Summer of SWTOR (Future Plans)

Senior Producer Bruce Maclean took on the forums today, updating us on what’s come this summer in SWTOR. He starts discussing game update 2.2 but continues on with plans for game update 2.3. Personally I’m happy with what is coming up in near future, but as we could expect, the foums are already going crazy with unsubscribe whine and the usual death threats about the lack of PVP updates. You can check out the complete post below, or over at the official forums. Hello everyone, My name is Bruce Maclean and I am a Senior Producer here at BioWare Austin. I know there have been a lot of questions around the forums about what kind of content you can expect from us this year and so I’m here today to give you all a bit of information about what we’re working on bringing to you this summer! First up, Game Update 2.2,…

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