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RIFT review – RIFT Better then SWTOR?

Last week I wrote about the upcoming MMORPG –  RIFT created by Trion Worlds. Back then I mentioned that I might be picking up a copy for their hard earned effort.  Right now I have changed my mind though. Watching the Yogcast 1 hour review of RIFT on Youtube I have to admit I lost all interest in the game. First of all  the game looks too much like WoW. Not that there is anything wrong with World of Warcraft, but as Aion, Warhammer online, Age of Conan and other WoW clones found out – it just doesn’t work. The guys in the Vcast liked how the game looks, but fancy graphics just doesn’t cut it anymore. Actually Remove the graphics and give me a good old fashion MUD if the game play is good.  The second reason I won’t be playing Rift is the fantasy genre. I am just fed up with it. One more dragon and I’ll puke! Apparently I stand alone with this…

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Unknowing Compition For SWTOR?

I have recently read an article that has stated an older game called RIFT created by Trion Worlds that is at least two years old has flopped in their previous trails to envelope the MMO community. But in these recent times Trion Worlds has seemed to be working on their game really well that ones that can beta test this game have really nice things to say, but can it compete with the release of the MMO that everyone and thier pets are waiting for SWTOR. RIFT is in the genre of D&D style, a truly fantasy like world, but can we accept a game like this with so many other games in the same world, Vanguard, LOTR, and DDO.   I don’t know, maybe.  I can say that I am intrigued in a game that rereleased itself so it can have fighting chance in our Massive Multiplayed World.  I’m picking a copy, are You? Read more by Brian Rowe on RIFT vs Star Wars: The…

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