RIFT review – RIFT Better then SWTOR?

Last week I wrote about the upcoming MMORPG –  RIFT created by Trion Worlds. Back then I mentioned that I might be picking up a copy for their hard earned effort.  Right now I have changed my mind though.

Watching the Yogcast 1 hour review of RIFT on Youtube I have to admit I lost all interest in the game. First of all  the game looks too much like WoW. Not that there is anything wrong with World of Warcraft, but as Aion, Warhammer online, Age of Conan and other WoW clones found out – it just doesn’t work. The guys in the Vcast liked how the game looks, but fancy graphics just doesn’t cut it anymore. Actually Remove the graphics and give me a good old fashion MUD if the game play is good.  The second reason I won’t be playing Rift is the fantasy genre. I am just fed up with it. One more dragon and I’ll puke!

Apparently I stand alone with this opinion though. At the end of the video, at about 13:52, the Yogcast guys talks about another unreleased MMO that he’s played but can’t talk about. His friend begins to hum the Star Wars theme when he explains that it’s basically not as good as Rift and that he’ll be picking up Rift instead.

I guess it all depends on who you ask. This SWTOR Beta tester seems to enjoy Star Wars: The old republic, and speaks fondly about it:

Keep in mind that Rift is closer to release then SWTOR, and there will be follow ups to the above SWTOR Review.

I’m not trying to force an opinion here, but I feel it’s only fair that we give our own on this blog from time to time.  Feel free to bash us in the comments if you disagree.