SWTOR Weekly Video News – Gamescom, Eternity Vault, Guild Testing and More!

Awall from FTW Broadcasting has moved over to the You Tube Network called TGN. He has been pumping out some of the best SWTOR videos out there and is not going to stop (thank you sir). He has a new You Tube “Show” that you can subscribe to catch his SWTOR videos moving forward. In this week’s SWTOR Weekly News Video Awall covers: Hutball Trailer and Polls Guild Testing and Details Etnernity Vault Trailer and Gameplay Limited Copies of SWTOR

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Community Highlight – Dimbo, Mandalorian Girl, Tormonger, and Warmadden

FTW Broadcasting featured some great sites in the SWTOR community in their Community Highlight segment. They start with Dimbo The Trooper a SWTOR Fan-fiction writer and self named “TORWhore” who is the author of the weekly Dimbo’s Radar. If you aren’t already familiar with Bootleg Radio, Dimbo guest stars on one of the their podcasts, Keyboard Heroes. One of the most active SWTOR Fan-fiction writers Mandalorian girl also gets featured. There seems to be a writing theme in this video because Awall announces a writing contest that is being launch by and Warmadden. Grab your pens (or keyboards) and check out their sites for me details if you want to participate. For those of you out there that like to play MMOs by the numbers Tormonger has a TheoryCraft 101 video that breaks down the numbers behind SWTOR in an easy to understand way. The part of this video…

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Red Rancor Joins FTW Broadcasting in SWTOR FTW Video Series

SWTOR Strategies has been following FTW Broadcasting for a while now, and a recent announcement on their You Tube Channel caught our eye: Red Rancor is joining FTW as a video “contributor” and just released their first video as part of the FTW Team. If you aren’t already familiar with Red Rancor’s V-Cast Series, Ashral covers SWTOR Headlines, Friday Updates, Discusses a Topic of the Week, and answers Fan Questions in his “Mailbag” segment. We love the KOTOR music he uses, and the chilled out tone of the show:   In addition to the V-Cast, FTW Broadcasting has their SWTOR FTW Weekly News show that wraps up the entire week’s SWTOR news in 15 mins. This Weeks Episode was about Operations, Sales, Advanced Classes, Sanctuary, and Guilds:     You can subscribe to their channel if you like what you see. Let us know what you think in the comments…

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