SWTOR: Introducing Weapon Tunings

BioWare posted a new blogpost on a new feature in the game: Weapon Tunings. This can be used to customize your weaponry, creating a brilliant visual flair on the weapon itself! If you want to equip a Weapon Tuning the first thing you’ll need is a weapon with an available Tuning Slot. Weapons that have a Tuning Slot come from many different sources including the Cartel Market, PvP, Operations, Reputation Vendors, Flashpoints, Heroics Missions, and Crafting Recipes. Be sure to check if your Weapon has a Tuning Slot! Next, you’ll need a Weapon Tuning. They are currently only found in Cartel Market Packs. The first Weapon Tuning, Lightning, is available in the Plunderer Pack which launches alongside Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder. Once you’ve got a weapon with an open Tuning Slot and a Weapon Tuning, combining the two is as simple as making any other modification to your weapon. First, CTRL+Right-click…

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SWTOR Weapons List

If you’re curious about what weapons will be in SWTOR (like many of us are) then there is a great list put up by The Old Republic or Die that lists the ones that are currently known about. The list has been gathered from around the Internet, various posts and playtime that people have written about. It is not complete yet but they say they will be adding to it as information comes in. It’s worth the time to head over there and see the list and be sure to add more if you know of weapons that are not listed. The current list is as follows: Sith Swords Lightsaber Double-bladed lightsaber Forked lightsaber Lightsaber staff Blaster Blaster rifle Blaster Shot Gun Heavy Blaster Cannon Dual Pistols Dual Wield Guns Slugthrower (rifle) Slugthrower (pistol) Grenades Sniper Rifle Staff Double-bladed sword Sword Flamethrower Vibrosword Double-bladed vibrosword Vibroknucklers Stun baton Axe Disruptor…

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