The AT-AT Family Xmas

Oh the weather on Hoth is frightful,
Echo Base on fire is so delightful,
Shield generator is about to go,
Let it Blow! Let it Blow! Let it Blow!
AT-AT’s show no signs of stopping,
And the sounds of Rebel heads a’ popping,
Their will to fight is almost done,
Let ‘em Run! Let ‘em Run! Let ‘em Run!
When I finally get off this rock,
Leavin’ a glorious blaster storm,
Slip on a sock made of Ewok,
All the way, home I’ll be warm!
Oh the taun tauns are slowly dying,
And soon, Vader and I’ll be high-fiving,
An Admiral soon I’ll be,
Let ‘em Flee! Let ‘em Flee! Let ‘em Flee!

Via General Veers himself

Created by Kody Peters, Andy Van Leeuwen, and Brendan. at: