Friday Update: Three New Biographies Added to HoloNet

Today’s Friday update for Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare has added new information on three notable characters to the Biographies section of the HoloNet. Here are the details:
In these new holorecords, you’ll learn about Supreme Chancellor Janarus, stalwart protector of Republic ideals and source of hope for its people. Opposite Janarus, hidden in the shadows, you’ll discover the enigmatic puppeteer of Imperial Intelligence, Darth Jadus. Elsewhere in the galaxy, the cold-blooded bounty hunter Jewl’a Nightbringer ruthlessly hunts down slavers, gangs, and crime lords who manage to catch her attention.

Some might remember Jewl’a Nightbringer from the one of the first gameplay walkthrough videos BioWare released. She was one of the bounty hunters that the NPC Mako identified as a winner of the Great Hunt – A bounty hunter thing.

Another interesting thing about this update is the Aurebesh Translation’s. You can read more about them over at Darth Hater